Couples Ministry - This ministry provides education and recreation for married couples as avenues to enrich and enhance Christ-centered relationship. Notable highlights of every year are the “Valentine’s and Christmas Banquets.”

Single’s Ministry – This group of men and women are completely sold out for Jesus. They meet twice a month for prayer and fellowship. Their main focus is to live whole and pure lives in the sight of God.

Youth Ministry – This awesome service is held on the 4th Sunday of each month at 11:00 am. It encourages our youth to enjoy the Lord in their youth.

Inspirational Choir – A group of anointed singers who have dedicated themselves to the ministry of song. They meet weekly for rehearsal and often travel with the Pastor.

Sunday School – This educational department highly esteems the Bible as God’s truth for all mankind’s benefit for daily living.

Achievers In Life – To mentor 4-19 year old young men who are maturing mentally, physically, spiritually and socially to be Achievers In Life.

Nurses Guild – This anointed group of healthcare and lay servants, provides first aid and emergency care during any service when needed.

Home & Foreign Mission – This group of “Anointed Seasoned Saints” provide visitation to the Nursing Home and Hospital witnessing, praying and sharing the word of God.

Intercessory Prayer Warriors – These anointed warriors pray and intercede on the behalf of others when called upon by the Pastor.